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Omnomnom by Blubdi-Photography

What is Awesome~!
You did an excellent job on focus, nothing draws the eye away from your subject; the squirrel. The fact that the squirrel is orange really brings the eye to it since it is so bright, when compared to its background. I like how you caught it in action. Luck or Patients? both very important aspects in being an artist.

The only thing I can really suggest for this piece of work is to see if you can zoom in closer next time. The squirrel seems a bit small for its surroundings, sometimes that can draw the eye away.
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Blubdi-Photography Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for for critique. Well, I had both. Luck and patience. I know the place, and there are sometimes 5-6 squirrels. But exactly that pose, sharp and with the right light, it took about 2 hours on my knees ^^.

Mhh. I'll try zooming in a bit closer, but I'm not sure if the squirrel gets too dominant. We'll see. This week I have enough time to "hunt" squirrels xD
MandieEllie Jan 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
haha alright. :)
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